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6 Common Foods That Strengthen Teeth Enamel

6 Common Foods That Strengthen Teeth Enamel

The significance of a healthy diet is something that we have been hearing right from our childhood. But in spite of our best efforts we often indulge in our guilty pleasures of treating ourselves with snacks that can have many adverse effects on our body.

Among these, the sweet concoctions like the donuts, candy apples, cider and some others pose threats to our oral health persistently, yet most of the time we fail to refrain from them.

So, in order to take care of our mouth we have to imbibe some healthy options that have proven to be beneficial for our overall oral health and especially our tooth enamel. Here are some essential foods that you should consider for strengthening your teeth enamel and enhancing your overall oral health. Just read on.


This is considered as an abrasive ingredient that is known for the high fiber content. This helps to clean the surface and enamel of the teeth. The fibrous nature of the celery also calls for more chewing that promotes the production of saliva and thus maintains the pH level of the mouth. The gums that are essential part of the mouth are also massaged by the chewing process. Hence, your overall oral health is enhanced by celery.

Nuts, Olive Oil, Cold-water Fish, Fish Oil, Egg Yolk and Omega-3 Fatty Acid Foods

Supplementing the diet with the Omega-3 fatty acids, assists in combatting the inflammation and the gum disease. This is because they contain DHA that is known to fight oral disease and boost the strength of the teeth enamel. The cold-water fish, fish oils and enriched egg yolk are also rich in Vitamin D and play a vital role in strengthening the enamel of the teeth. Not only that, the bones of the fish are able to strengthen the teeth further as they contain fluoride and calcium.

Dairy Products

The dairy products like the kefir, yogurt, milk and cheese have a lot of phosphorus and calcium which help to strengthen the teeth enamel and also assist with remineralization. Not only that, saliva production is also promoted by these which has a preventive effect as saliva is responsible for protecting the teeth against bacteria as a result of which the pH level of the mouth remains balanced. The enriched soya milk can be a good alternative for those who have lactose intolerance as it has added calcium.

Apples, Fresh Fruits and Carrots 

Chewing on the fibrous, fresh fruits like the crisp apples removes the bacterial debris from your teeth and also stimulates the gum tissue. The healthy snacks like these leave less food debris in the mouth, stimulate the gum tissue and also remove the bacterial debris from your teeth. Thus, your risk of cavity formation through food deposits decreases.

Animal Protein 

One of the essential minerals of healthy tooth enamel happens to be phosphorus and you will find these in most of the animal proteins like in chicken and beef. Indeed, when you combine phosphorus with calcium and vitamin D you will get healthy teeth and bones. Vegetarians can try tofu, in this case, as it contains a good amount of protein and consists of the added advantages of the magnesium and calcium.

Tap Water 

Water, though not a food, is an essential inclusion in your diet. When you drink water, it washes away the food, bacteria and the other acids naturally. That is why it is also advisable to swish and rinse the mouth with water every time you drink or eat something acidic and enamel-dissolving like lemons, tea and coffee. But the majority of the bottled water available in the market do not contain fluoride primarily because of the reverse osmosis process that is conducted at the time of bottling the water. That is why it is beneficial to drink tap water at times as that has regulated fluoride levels. You can have stronger immune system that will help you to avoid gum disease which can pose threat to the teeth enamel by keeping yourself hydrated.

The above are some of the common foods that are recommended by the best dentist in Hyderabad for strengthening your tooth enamel. Apart from including the above in your diet, you should also never miss an appointment with your dentist so that he or she can detect any problem lurking in your mouth and can guide you in the right way to keep tooth problems at bay.

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