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6 Reasons Why Invisalign is Better than Wire Braces

6 Reasons Why Invisalign is Better than Wire Braces?

Not long ago, we had only wire braces to treat our teeth alignment concerns. Despite pain and discomfort, such braces were the norm to fix alignment problem and straighten teeth. The things have changed a lot now with more and better options available around for dealing with our oddly shaped or misaligned teeth. We now have invisible braces which is an advanced technology with lots of advantages to patients. Today, more people want to benefit from Invisalign system which speaks volume about the advancements in dental technology. You too can benefit from such braces and fix any type of dental alignment issue with ease.

Here are 6 reasons that make Invisalign a better option than wire braces –

1. The most aesthetic option

We have definitely come a long way from the days when wire braces were the only option to treat our dental alignment problem. Such braces were indeed good but with them, we did never expect aesthetic. On the other hand, invisible braces are easily the most pleasing way to straighten the teeth and bring them back into their usual positions. Metal braces were so obvious and visible than patients had to face embarrassing moments during their treatment period. If you don’t want to have a mouth full of metal, there are Invisalign braces to straighten your teeth in a perfect way.

2. Comfortable and pain-free

Conventional braces were everything but comfortable. Wearing them means you had pain all the time and the usual comfort level was mostly missing. With them, there was always a risk of the tissues in the lips and cheeks being torn to make the whole experience painful. Worse still, with them, more pressure was needed to shift the teeth into place in a gradual manner. On the other hand, Invisalign braces are a kind of system where plastic trays are used requiring less pressure than wire braces. That’s why they are comfortable and largely pain-free.

3. Easy to clean and maintain

Wire braces are not removable. They are wired into your mouth, so you can’t take them off at will. This very wiry arrangement makes them tough to clean and when not cleaned properly, there will always be a risk of poor oral hygiene. Since you can’t clean them, it can get very uncomfortable after a few days. On the other hand, all this trouble is not present with Invisalign braces are they are simple to take off and clean. You can clean the trays and maintain a superior oral hygiene for all the time.

4. Freedom to Eat Anything

Metal braces are not only uncomfortable, but they also come with certain food restrictions as well. With them, you have to bring a drastic change to your eating habit else there might be a risk to the entire system so painstakingly fit. Sticky foods are a big no since they can harm the arrangement inside your mouth and stick to the wires. You will also have to avoid eating hard items as they might risk the braces. All such worries are not there with Invisalign as you can take them off, eat your favourite foods and then get them back on.

5. Quicker result

In general, your dentist may advise you to keep wearing Invisalign braces for most parts of the day, or say, between 20 to 22 hours daily for maximum benefits. You are advised to take them off for eating and cleaning purposes only and when you follow that routine, it takes between 15 to 24 months for straightening the teeth. On the other hand, wire braces take almost 36 months to fix your problems. Worse still, they make take even more time provided the severity of the problem at hand.

6. Minimal Damage to Teeth

You can ask dentist long island and the answer would likely to be the same that metal braces cause more damage to your teeth than Invisalign system. With traditional braces, there will always be risks of tooth decay, root resorption and teeth demineralization. Most of these problems arise due to not being able to take off such braces as and when needed. This leads to poor oral hygiene and cause a whole lot of dental issues along the way.

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