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Amazing Ideas to Renovate Your Small Kitchen Space

In metropolitan cities, there is a big issue of space in the house and today, most of the modern apartment designed with small kitchen and balcony. A kitchen is a place where you have lots of equipment and stuff from a refrigerator to oven, gas cylinder, induction, dishwasher, food processor and a lot more stuff. All these things need to be arranged in a way that it fits the available space and it allows space for cooking and dish cleaning purposes. Also, your kitchen must appear clean, tidy and organised. For that, it is important to follow some small kitchen renovation ideas that can give a good ambience to your kitchen.

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7 Amazing Ideas For Designing Your Small Kitchen:

1. Downsize your kitchen

If you are having a space crunch and you need to fit style with storage needs then it can be a challenging job for sure. But you can try this small kitchen renovation idea. You need to fit all the laundry, recipe, and cooking stuff in a small space. You must focus on the main requirement of the kitchen i.e. cooking and then later on for your storage needs. Make sure to keep a single sink in the kitchen and you must install some wall mounted cabinets to save the floor space of your kitchen.

2. Keep it open

If you make overhead cabinets in the tight spaces of your kitchen then you might not be able to reach out to those places to take the stored items. In this regard, you can install some pot racks, shelves, spice holders, glass stands, magnetic knife stands which can make your utensils look like an artwork and save space too.

3. Mix it up

Another innovative small kitchen renovation idea is that you mix wood, metals and other surface materials artistically in the kitchen. You can add some style to the kitchen by making use of countertop surfaces, fixtures, flooring, cabinetry, lighting and colour. You can add some curvy designs, granite stones or some other art to make the kitchen more ambient.

4. Go glassy

You can add glass to kitchen design with the help of a glass tabletop or cabinet with glass doors. It is a good idea to have glass kitchen doors in order to access other rooms. Reflective glass tiles are also quite popular. Even you can also install a glass splashback in your kitchen to prevent oil, grease and dirt.

5. Proper lighting

Proper lighting is required for good ambience of any space and the same is true for the kitchen. It is common to make use of fluorescent lighting which has a bluish light impact to be used in kitchens. You can choose to have pendant lights hanging from the ceiling in an artistic manner which is an amazing small kitchen renovation idea. But always choose some LED lights to save your power consumption bill.

6. Flooring

Flooring is an important aspect of a kitchen and you can make use of linoleum which is an eye-catching option in a small kitchen and it is also inexpensive. For a small kitchen, you can also install some marble stone on your kitchen floor and you can use the same marble tiles on the kitchen walls.

7. Colour it huge

The ambience and look of the kitchen can be changed a lot with the help of the colour scheme that you use. This includes the colour of the counters, appliances, walls, stools, dishtowels etc. If you want to make the room look taller then make use of light colours or pastels.

These are some of the top small kitchen renovation ideas that you can surely try out for your kitchen renovation, and it is suggested to design a layout for your kitchen renovation by a trained designer.

Maggie Cooper