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Declutter Your Home infographic

Declutter Your Home in 21 Days

Spring isn’t too far away and that generally means it’s time to spruce things up around the house. This infographic from HappyCleans looks at ways you can declutter your home in just 21 days so it is well worth a read to get you started. It takes you through some common areas that commonly get cluttered so it should be helpful.

One issue many homes face is a pile up of books that have been doing nothing but gathering dust for years. Many of these will never be read again and would be greatly appreciated donations by many local charities.

The entertainment area is another place that becomes needlessly cluttered with old DVDs and CDs. With the proliferation of online streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify, very few people really need this old gear anymore. Again, local charities would really appreciate these items!

Check out the full infographic now and begin your decluttering journey today, hopefully you will find it useful!


Maggie Cooper