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Foods That Cause Cavities in Children

Foods That Cause Cavities In Children

Children are at a greater risk of cavities. Their eating habits coupled with bad oral hygiene care make them susceptible to a variety of dental problems. We know little ones will grab candies here and there, gobble cupcake by the full, cry for everything sweet and sugary. All this is enough to make a potential victim of cavities or dental caries. Their uncontrolled urge to eat sugary and starchy foods or items is the major reason why cavities find them easily. This is how their tooth enamel is harmed posing a risk to dental decay over time.

Here are top 5 foods that cause cavities in children –

#1 Fizzy Drinks

All fizzy drinks are bad for your children and their dental health. Whether soft drinks, soda, or any other cold drink with sugar additive, they can harm the teeth of your child irreparably. Apart from being extremely sweet, these drinks are high on phosphorous and carbonation which are responsible for cavities. Both these substances can erode the tooth enamel, causing holes in them over a period of time and lead to cavities. So, if you want your kids to remain free from the menace of cavities, keep the fizzy drinks out of the house.

#2 Sticky Candies

Children in the habit of eating sticky candies are at a greater risk of cavities than the rest. Parents should know how toffees, lollipops or any other candy of sticky nature can cause immense damage the teeth of their little ones. These candies are high on caramel and nougat which take time in getting dissolved in the mouth. Your child should brush immediately after eating these candies to minimize the risk to their teeth. If you can’t let your kid eat less of those sugary indulgences, at least try to cut down on the intake level and make them take superior oral care for less risks.

#3 Starchy Foods

Cavities are also common among those children not very fond of eating sugary candies or similar items. How? Chances are, they may be fond of food high in carbohydrates, or starchy foods like fried rice, French fries etc. They are as harmful as sugar-laced candies because they also get sugar break down in the mouth. Plus, most of starchy foods tend to be sticky in nature and get stuck between the teeth or in corners of the mouth. And if your child does not care for oral health after eating such foods, he/she is at greater risk of cavities for sure.

#4 Fruit Juices

Not all fruit juices are healthy for your kids. In fact, some of them pose the great risk to their dental health. Most will provide little to no nutrition and only give taste and sugar richness. The worst part is, packed sugar juices are high in sugar content and this is why they always force a superior risk of cavities. So, you not only have to keep your kids away from carbonated drinks but also from those fruit juices your retailer sells. Plus, with such drinks, there is a superior need for dental care for your child.

#5 Junk Foods

Junk foods are a damn favourite of kids. They will grab a slice of pizza or eat a burger any time you offer them one. These foods may give you a feeling of offering your kids something worthwhile but the opposite is true. Often, the raw materials used in them are high in sugar and then, there is the menacing ketchup. Plus, these foods are sticky in nature so they won’t dissolve that easily and increase cavity risks. You can consult a top dentist and know how dental implants Suffolk can help when your child has a missing or lost tooth.

Maggie Cooper