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Halloween and Eye Safety: What You Should Keep in Mind

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of America. Kids, as well as adults, enjoy it. However, did you know that many eye injuries are reported every year as a result of Halloween activities? The good news is, if some eye protection safety tips are followed, children and adults both can enjoy the occasion of trick-or-treat in an accident-free way. So, let’s take a look at some of the important eye care and safety tips to keep in mind while preparing for Halloween:

1. Opt for Reflective Costumes

Ensure that the custom material you choose is made from the reflective material. Sew on reflective fabric strips or use stick-on strips of reflective tape. This helps especially in the case of children as they will be easily visible while crossing the streets in the dark. Place reflective material on the sides, front and back of the costume. Most of the people also wear elaborate masks. They can be fun but also dangerous to wear while walking in the dark of the night. For instance, some masks have eyeholes which are too small for adequate vision. If this is the case, you can widen the eye holes with scissors which will allow for better peripheral vision. Ensure that the mask is lifted off the face while walking on a dark pavement or over the unstable ground. Another safe option is to walk with a flashlight so that you can see what lies ahead in your path.

2. Be Careful with Decorative Contact Lenses

Older children and even adults sometimes choose spooky cosmetic contact lenses. Be careful while choosing Halloween contact lenses since they are medical devices and require a valid prescription. Consult an eye doctor to ensure that they fit properly and suit you. If such decorative contact lenses are not used safely they can cause abrasion which results in blurry vision and even vision loss in some cases.

Choose Hypoallergenic Makeup – Any Halloween costume is incomplete without makeup. So while choosing makeup, make sure that the makeup is hypoallergenic. Always test the makeup on a small area first before applying it on the entire face. Remember to leave a margin around the eye area so that the eyes are protected and the risk of stings or burns is reduced. After the trick or treating is over, remove the makeup immediately to prevent irritation of any kind.

3. Avoid Sharp Props or Accessories

Props or accessories are also very popular ranging from wands to swords. But such props or accessories can also prove to be dangerous sometimes. You may trip and fall in the dark while carrying something sharp or pointed which may result in an eye injury. Hence, any handheld accessory should be flexible, short and soft. A safe option would be to carry only your treat bag.

Enjoy this Halloween safely with careful planning and avoid any eye injury that can result in eye problems like blurry vision or vision loss. Keep in mind the above-listed eye care and safety tips for eye protection, so that you and your kids can enjoy the festivities to the fullest!

Aaron Barriga

Aaron Barriga is the online marketing manager for Insight Vision Center. With a knack for understanding medical procedures and an interest in eye and vision health, Aaron loves to share what he knows and what he learns. He blogs with a mission of informing readers about the latest eye care technology and other topics related to eye care and eye health. He loves collecting coasters from the different bars and restaurants he visits during his travels.