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increase online presence security for your family

How to increase online presence security for your family?

Are you looking for how you can increase online security for your family? Nowadays, most family members spend most of their time on the internet. There is no doubt that most people go online at least once a day. Internet usage has also increased with the growing popularity of iPads, tablets, smartphones, and more. Protecting your family members’ information and data should be a concern and a continuous effort to ensure you stay safe from malware and cybercrime attacks.

Research shows that a good number of people don’t consider their online security when using the internet, especially those individuals using mobile devices. Lack of cybersecurity knowledge and rules can be suicidal, considering the complexity of the dangerous threats found online. You can lose a great deal of personal information together with other sensitive data that’s used for online transactions. Here’s how you can increase online security for your family

Analyze your family Internet usage

Start by analyzing your families’ internet usage. Research shows that modern kids probably spend more time on the internet than anyone else. As a parent, you should be worried about these findings because the internet is full of disturbing, explicit, and illegal websites that you don’t want your children to come across.

Furthermore, with the huge number of devices used to connect the internet, you simply cannot supervise and track their online activity on your own. That’s where number lookup software services can help. This website gives you the ability to know how frequently your kids and other family members at large use the internet. It will also help you understand about the sites they visit commonly and who they interact with while on the internet.

Develop cybersecurity rules

For beginners, let your children know that it’s not safe to give out their personal information on the internet. There’s absolutely no reason why they should share their phone number and address online.

Developing rules like preventing your children from uploading personal videos and pictures online. Unfortunately, with the rise of social media, most children fall victim to this. Visit any of the popular social networking websites, and you’ll see how most children post their pictures that pose threats to their identity. Posting personal photos that reveal your school or residence expose them to the risk of being kidnapped. If your kid wants to post videos or pictures online, ensure you review them before they’re published.

Warn your children about meeting in person with strangers. This is very important since most internet sexual predators use this method as a bait. If they’re sure about meeting their online friends, let it be in a public place where you can sit and observe at a distance. This will allow you to intervene in case you notice any strange movements and behavior. If you’re not available during the meeting time, let your child do so under close observation of an adult.

Warn your family members about disabling security on their devices so that they can experience high internet speeds without any hiccups. Most gamers love doing this. Tell them always to stay protected by using security software. Also ensure all the installed software are downloaded from legitimate websites, and not from torrent sites and other cracked websites. Cracked software can siphon your data and personal credentials which might expose your family to cybercrime.

Secure soft spots

Kids are very trusting; this makes them vulnerable to cybercrime. This is why they need to know how to spot online perverts and sex scavengers and how to report anyone who tries to seduce them over the internet. Also secure soft spots by teaching them the importance of not disclosing personal information including passwords, locations and other sensitive information related e-mails, texts, or social media.

Further, it’s vital to teach them about what they post online and the type of threats they’re exposing themselves to whenever they make posts online on social media. They must be cautious of what they reveal about their identity and everything about it. Ask them to report in case they notice any unusual behavior in their online friends.


To sum up, families today are being disintegrated by too much internet usage. There’s no end to the types of evil that your family members are exposed to whenever they’re online.

You can protect your family from cybercrime by using a strong Internet filter and limiting on how frequently your kids use the internet. Internet filtering will not only improve your security but also provide your family with safer online participation.

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