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Let Your Home Shine Right With Decorative Lights

For an aesthetic appeal, mix ambient (or background) lighting with decorative and accent lighting. Then enhance the mood of a space by utilizing dimming options. If you’re building, renovating or looking for an easy home upgrade, creative lighting provides you with the opportunity to elevate every day to the extraordinary.


Add impact in the entry of your home with a statement feature light. Go for a single dramatic chandelier that reflects the style of your home. Crystal and gunmetal chandelier is the right scale to make a grand entrance. A line of downlights beyond leads you further into the heart of the home, while a cluster of smaller lights also works well as a welcoming entrance feature. Be sure to choose designs that echo the architectural style of your home.



Staircases are fantastic spaces to feature statement lighting. An artfully designed fitting creates a dramatic effect in a double-height void as you ascend or descend. Well-lit by natural light by day, this space will be equally dramatic by night with a modern sculptural chandelier. Consider the size and scale of the fitting for the space to achieve the right look.



Kitchens are highly functional areas that require adequate lighting to perform cooking tasks efficiently and safely, while increasingly part of an open-living scheme. Combine beauty with function by mixing stylish pendant lighting over the island bench for your task lighting requirements, then add background ambient lighting from LED overhead downlights, and accent lighting from LED strip lighting

Powder room

Lamp up the glamour in a humble hand washroom by adding a low-wattage light. Lighting isn’t always about adding bright lights; approach this space by planning for low lighting and areas of shadow.

A dimmer will give you the ability to adjust the right amount of light and ensure your attention is drawn to the focal points of the space. For wet areas, ensure the fitting and installation meets building codes.



Here, a striking wood-veneer light fitting creates a stylish focal point over a dining table, while serving to anchor the dining area in an open-plan living zone.


Simple and beautiful, a glass pendant on either side of the master bed creates a distinctive boutique-hotel vibe. Here, a relaxing mood is created with gentle light coming through the smokey glass shade. Hanging a pendant rather than using a bedside lamp has the bonus of freeing up space on the bedside tables.


Maggie Cooper