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Mommy Makeup – 5 Tips to Simplify Busy Woman’s Daily Beauty

When it comes to schedules no one has it tough like a mother. They are tasked with taking care of their kids as well as ensuring that their homes are good condition. It is particularly tough when the kids are young since young kids are quite a handful. And that’s not all. There are office commitments to navigate on a daily basis as well. This leaves women with very little time to take care of themselves. From the minute they wake up, women have duties lined up. There is breakfast to be prepared and cleaning to be done. The kids have to be prepared for school as well and when they are done with all these, they are left with very little time for personal grooming. Considering your busy schedule, we have come up with a few tips that will simplify your daily beauty regime.

1. Get organized

To simplify your beauty regime, the first thing that you should do is to organize your makeup. This will help you save a lot of time since you won’t have to search frantically for specific makeup items that are crucial to your beauty regime. Most would think that getting organized means having all makeup essentials in one place. That, however, is not true. The best way to organize your makeup is to separate them by type. This way you are aware that a certain batch contains specific items such as lipsticks and this will help you get ready in a short time. You can get a makeup organizer for this that will help you sort your makeup items into distinct categories.

2. Clean your face before going to bed

Work and family commitments will way you down and you may be tempted to hit the sack without removing the makeup on your skin. This, however, is very bad and it should be avoided. Going to bed with your makeup clogs the pores on your skin and this prevents your skin from breathing. This skin repairs itself at night and any makeup on your face interferes with this process. Clogged pores is the number one reason for skin damage and this makes makeup application difficult. You should, therefore, remove all the makeup on your skin before you sleep. Use a cleanser for the best results.

3. Focus on the eyebrows and lashes

Your busy schedule will make it difficult for you to implement a full makeup regimen. To make sure that you look good without spending too much time applying makeup, there are a few areas that you should concentrate on. These are the eyebrows and lashes. Strive to keep your brows in shape as this will give you a presentable look. Properly shaped brows are easy to fill and this saves you time. Lashes have the effect of giving you an alert look and this way you look presentable even when you are not wearing makeup. Use mascara for your lashes for the best results.

4. Use multipurpose makeup items

The key to saving time when applying makeup is to use those with multiple purposes. This way you use only one item to achieve different results and this greatly reduces the time you need to look good in the morning. You can opt for a multitasking gel that incorporates a moisturizer, BB as well and CC cream into one. This way you need just one product to achieve all these beauty effects. It also helps you save time from your routine and this helps you get ready in a short time.

5. Blend different makeup essentials

This is another way you to simplify your beauty regime. Blend different makeup items and use a sponge to apply them on your face. This includes items such as your mineral foundation, cream contour, and concealer. You are, therefore, able to apply all these makeup essentials in one application and this greatly reduces the time you take to look good every morning.

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Your busy schedule may make it difficult for you to implement a full makeup regime such as those present on beauty magazines. This, however, is no reason for you to look shabby and unattractive. We hope this guide will help you simplify your beauty routine.

Maggie Cooper