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Relishing your food when surrounded by best dining decor

The Dining room is all about gathering a group of friends or family around the table with some scrumptious food, good drink and plenty of conversation and laugh. Creating a perfect atmosphere with exclusive design can help. When designing your food area, think carefully about how to use the space and what you really want to store or use the area as. Whatever your style, room size or budget, we have the dining room design for you.

White-out your colour palette for a light and airy


Minimal furniture, beautiful bright accessories combined with a talking point rug; a big trend for spring.


A rug is a great way to separate a dining space if the room is larger, it just gives a royal look to the area. Choose something which fits best with the wall colour and the dining table.

Wooden flooring, light coloured walls, old traditional thick carpet, subtle look are combined with an elegant and stylish finish.


Mixing up the elements will create a uniqueness among the space like the wood table or a glass with a different shape, cutlery from China which separates the uniqueness and retro wallpaper will give an amazing finish.


The mix of glossy chairs, artistic chandelier could be a combination too far, but the clashing styles in this picture are pulled together beautifully thanks to the light creamy brown backdrop.


For more exclusive decor, don’t feel you have to stick to one pattern or theme. Sometimes only sometimes, everything at once can be outstandingly impressive!


Don’t be afraid to think differently which would definitely look out of the world when it comes to seating options; we love these furnishings which are almost futuristic-style, swivel chairs.

Home decor is been inspired from the East in a big way this year. A bamboo-sleek styled furniture and accessories combined like small chimney kind of chandelier on top which is low at height with vibrant red wall colour give a subtle nod to the entire room or we can also choose any other dark shade without appearing ‘themed’.

bamboo style dinning decor

A traditional dining room, complete with old wood but rich looking dining table, has been brought into the 21st century with a huge mirror glass and beautiful floral drapes to look more stunning and stylish.

Shop your antiques and other accessories from flea markets to give ancient look to your dining hall. Rustic furniture, a pale yellow and grey colour scheme, and the combination of grey stone floors with exposed brickwork.


Carol Howell