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How to Stop Sugar Cravings Naturally

How to Stop Sugar Cravings Naturally

Do you like chocolates and candies much? If this is yes then you need to stop that craving as this is not good for your health. Eating a lot of sugary food will satisfy your hunger but will lead to other diseases if it is not supplemented with sufficient quantity of protein or fats. Let us first see why we crave for sugar.

There are many reasons that lead to that craving for sugar. According to Christine Gerbstadt who is and MD, RD, a dietitian and spokeswomen of American Dietetic Association; “sweetness is the taste that humans prefer from birth”. Eating sugar leads to the release of a feel- good substance called Serotonin which leads to the craving.

Again we can know from Susan Moores who is an MS, RD and a nutrition consultant at St. Paul, Minn, that sugar helps to release Endorphins which relaxes us. This is another reason for the craving of sugar that we have.

Sugar is too good to taste and we humans tend to have that great taste and having sugar becomes a habit for us. It is seen that according to a research made by American Heart Association we consume 22 teaspoons of sugar daily. So we must know how much sugar we need to have daily.

According to researches made by American Heart Association, the recommended dosage of added sugar should be 6 teaspoons each day for women and 9 teaspoons for men. It is also good to know how many grams of sugar per day to loose weight should be taken. The amount of sugar is 37.5 grams for men per day and 25 grams of sugar per day for women; this is according to American Heart Association. Now as we know our daily limit how should we stop the craving of sugar. There are various ways to do that. Let us see some.

Eat Little Amount

According to Kerry Neville a dietitian and a spokeswoman for ADA we should reduce the quantity of the sugary food that we like. If we like say candy and used to eat three in a day we should restrict that to one per day. This will not bring in our mind that we are denied eating the food that we like but will help us to reduce our sugar intake and limit ourselves to 150 calories.

Try Food Combination

Try to combine other foods along with sugary foods. Like if you like chocolate try to have bananas dipped in chocolate sauce or if you like eat some almonds with chocolate chips. This will help you in two ways; it will fill you up and also lessen the amount of sugar that you take in.

Pass Off the Initial Hours

Christine Gerbstadt says that the initial 48 to 72 hours of cutting off sugar is the most vital period. During this period people feel the most to have sugary foods. If one can overcome this period then it becomes easier to withdraw completely from this sugar craving. During this period keep yourself busy with games and other things that amuse you so that you do not feel the urge to have your loved candies or chocolates.

Chewing Gums

Dave Grotto, consultant nutrition says that it is best to chew gums if you really want to come out of this craving for sugar. This is based on research which has shown that if we chew gums then we lose the craving for having something that we like.

Eat Fruits

When you feel that peculiar craving for having sugar you can eat fruits that you love. This will give you some sweet taste along with nutrition and fiber which are good for your health. You can have stocks of nuts, dried fruits and seeds handy so that you can have those when you feel like having another bite into a candy.

These ways will definitely help you to stop your craving for sugar and help you out to have a healthy and happy life.



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