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Things Every Mommy Hates and Loves

Top 5 Things Every Mommy Hates and Loves

Becoming a mother is both a great happiness and a great responsibility. A number of new tasks, chores come up together with the child that you sometimes forget about everything else in the world and devote yourself completely to your little precious thing.

Uncountable and never-ending sleepless nights, daily chores with an infinite number of laundry, dirty dishes, dusty house to be cleaned and washed in addition to this the physical and mental tiredness and it seems like you’ll never get over all of this. However, everything has its fun side, even the things you hate as a mother of little human beings.

We decided to get you rid of your routine for a few minutes by letting you read an article about your own life. As the saying, which is very appropriate for the case, goes: “Looking at life through the wrong end of the telescope makes you laugh at life’s realities,” – simply look at the fun side of all the chores you do for your baby.

For that exact purpose we have made a top 5 list of the things which every mommy hates and have added a humorous flavor to it in order to make you feel that you are not alone, that you are understood by all the other mommies of the world and that when your kids grow up, all the things you hated about raising them, will become the dearest to your heart.

So, here we go:

1. Shower after Shower

Babies are very random; you can’t plan things and fulfill them precisely with a little child. When it seems like you have showered your baby and put him to sleep and are about to leave the room after kissing the little one good night, it’s when you start smelling something unpleasant. Guessed? Right you are – time to take the baby for another shower, he didn’t tell you he needs “to use the toilet” before sleep.

Of course, nothing can be more tiring than having to do the same job twice – another 30 minutes of your “poor sleep” will be gone but that’s children – you should be prepared for everything with them.

2. Doorbells

Ah, these unexpected doorbells! Your guests never know when your child is asleep. They have no idea that by ringing the door-bell they simply ruined your minutes of heavenly peace. It seems like your head will explode – on the one side someone is ringing that damn door-bell non-stop, on the other side – your baby has started crying – well, welcome dear guests; let’s calm the baby down together. Lots of fun, huh?

3. Toys, Toys Everywhere

Another thing that mommies hate is not having a place to put your feet on in a house full of thrown toys when you actually have to run around and manage to do all your chores. What’s worse is when you step on one of these toys and the pain you get is really terrible, that’s what makes you scream at your child for the 100th time to collect his toys or at least move them somewhere else.

Well, that’s what childhood is about – throwing the toys around the house and not even touching them. Well played, kids!

4. Tiny Socks

Now, try to find the right pair of your kids’ tiny socks in a house full of toys. Yes, seems like the most difficult puzzle to ever be solved. The first thing that comes to your mind is: “I can’t even find my socks that are bigger, how am I supposed to find these baby socks.”

The solution is one – turn the search into fun – tell your child, if he is old enough to move on his own, to join you and the hope that the socks will be found, will increase greatly.

5. Travelling with a Toddler

No, we don’t mean that mothers hate travelling with their babies! It’s just all the preparations and other minute things about it irritate many mommies.

The first thing to be mentioned is that travelling with a toddler is a subject of a whole separate article because there are so many things that you should take with you – diaper bags, wipes, plastic bags, blankets, toddler clothes, baby-care lotions, etc, – so many preparations to be discussed that won’t fit in here.

One thing that mothers hate about these tours is the fact of realizing that the travel is not for themselves, – no, dear mommy, you are not going to have a rest with a toddler, the toddler is, though! You will have to keep an eye on your kid all the time regardless of where you are at, especially if you have gone to a beach.

Flying on a plane with a toddler is another thing you will hate, especially if your kid is restless and keeps moving all the time!

However, one thing that’s a must to be taken with you when travelling with a toddler is the child carrier backpack. Don’t ever forget it at home otherwise you’ll have to carry your child in your hands constantly which is really tiring. Choose a comfortable and safe child carrier backpack and decrease the physical weight that’s “put on your shoulders.”

And finally, regardless of all the tiredness, all the restless nights, all the physical and mental sacrifices that mothers take, they all must be sure that it’s all more than worthy because children bring the greatest happiness and joy into the life of women – they’ll make the best memories for you!

Maggie Cooper