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Turn House Cleaning Into a Workout

How to Turn House Cleaning Into a Workout

Cleaning can be a task we keep putting off and the longer we leave it the dirtier the house gets. Getting the motivation to spend a couple of hours cleaning can be difficult but this infographic from HappyCleans looks at how you can turn cleaning into a bit of a workout and can hopefully help.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that cleaning is a bit like going to the gym and it burns a lot of calories. For example, hoovering a house is essential and it burns 153 calories an hour and this might be the motivation you need to start cleaning. If you clean at a good pace it may replace a trip to the gym as you really can work up a sweat as you clean.

Even things like taking out the trash can be a chance to get in a little exercise. As we know these bags can get pretty heavy and they present the perfect opportunity to do some bicep curls. Just lift the bags up and down maybe ten times before throwing them in the trash.

Dusting is another great way to burn calories and you can shed 174 calories in just an hour. You can make it a bit more intense by adding very light ankle weights to your wrists as this will help to tone your arms as you dust. It’s great to dust anyway as its particularly bad for anyone with allergies to have a lot of dust in the house.

Other simple tasks such as ironing burn 128 calories an hour and this is pretty good seeing as ironing really isn’t that strenuous. One trick that the infographic takes you through is the benefit of putting light weights on your wrist as you dust to tone your arms. Check out the full infographic for more detail now and get to cleaning.


Maggie Cooper