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numbered balloons

Unique Decoration Ideas To Add a Spice To Your Kid’s Birthday Party

numbered balloons

Everyone likes their kids to be happy and excited about their birthday. Every parent does the basics such as snacks, music, and some games. But very few people realize that the theme and decorations of a party can have a huge impact on how the day actually turns out. So, here are some unique decoration ideas that can really spruce up the entire place and add a fun element to the entire occasion.

1. Number Balloons

Be it a children’s birthday party, wedding anniversary or graduation, the number balloons are the perfect and one of the most unique ways to celebrate a joyous occasion. A number balloon depicts the milestones a child has achieved. The design of such balloons are usually eye-catching and appeal to guests of all age groups. For little kids, this decorative item can also be used as an effective learning technique as the children in this age group are usually getting familiar with the use of alphabets and numbers.

2. Edible Decoration

This time for your kid’s birthday party, do some creativity with snacks. You can arrange delicious treats in a fashion that looks lifelike. You can decorate the dishes in the form of landscapes, cartoon characters, or something else that your child prefers. This will make a nice buffet and you can also feed the other kids something healthy in an innovative way.

3. Paper Lanterns

Instead of fretting over the lighting of your place on a birthday party, consider investing in simple, affordable, yet impressively designed paper lanterns. You can get them in different colors for filling the rooms with different colored lights.

4. Birthday Throne

A birthday throne is the perfect decorative item to let your little one feel like a prince or a princess. The best part about this item is that it is ideal for a kid’s birthday party and gives a unique look and feel to the entire place. Plus, it will make the guests feel royal.

5. Garlands

A garland is one of the most traditional ways of welcoming guests. They look beautiful, smell fresh and are perfect to liven up the place. There are different kinds of garlands available online containing different flowers. You can choose one that consists of your child’s favorite flower. You can decorate the garlands in different ways.

6. Glow Balloons

Balloons are as it is one of the best party accessories. When you add a bit of a light to the arrangement, it loos lively and different from the conventional party looks that people are used to.

7. Neon Colored Styrofoam Balls

Neon colors are, in fact, the official party shades. It imparts a dynamic and a bright look to the entire venue and draws the attention of the guests.


Sometimes, it is good to add a wow factor to a party in order to give a unique and beautiful look to a birthday party. It keeps up with the interest of little kids whose attention span is usually small.

Maggie Cooper